Minggu, 25 Oktober 2015

wonderful place


Hello my friendsss!!!, I’m sorry I share  my next post right now. My job is full everyday and I don’t know what want I tell in my blog. But, now I want tell you something. This is a wonderful place. Maybe the place that you didn’t know before. I believe this place is not very popular but the view is like in the Europe or other countries. Do you want to know where and what the place that I mean? , And the place what I mean is JEPARAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!, Maybe most of you never come and never know, what and where Jepara. So, now I wil make you know and interest to come Jeparaa. But now I tell what is Jepara first. Jepara is one of big city in the Central Java Province. Jepara is popular because the princess of their city Yeaahh her is Raden Ajeng Kartini. Not only about the princess but Jepara is popular with the wood is very nice and very strong.
hat’s the news flash about Jepara but I don’t want to tell you about Jepara but I will tell you about one of wonderful place in Jepara. That one place there are water, turtle, statue, people, sand, car and other things in that place. Can you guess what I mean about that place???????? It is can lake, it is can museum of car, it is can everything what you guess. Okay now I will tell you about what is it. Yeahhhhhhhh that’s it coast. And do you want to know the name of the coast? The name of the coast is the popular name in Jepaara. I have told about that in the first paragraph of this post. The name of this coast is………………………. KARTINI’S COAST. I think this coast’s name is dedicated for all things that Kartini has given to us.

The coast is very nice and it looks like the lake or the sea in the Australia, the water is very fresh and cold. I know the water is cold but its make me want to try the water. Because I like the water and it is really really wawww to refresh your body and brain. And on the kartini’s coast there is a statue of turltle. But the special part the statue is more than 10 meters. It is huge and tall statue. I don’t know why my handphone is enough to capture tha very big and tall statue. I take a picture with my family in front of the statue. AND THIS ISS THE PICTUREEEE

I think one picture for very big statue and wonderful isn’t enough. So, I take a one picture again with my familyyy. And 1 2 3……………………………………………………

I learned many story and many history abou Jepara and about turtles statue. I think Im have fun with the place and not only good of the view but the place wil long lasting. So, treat the place with you ability like you don’t trash the rubbish in other place. I hav a quotes to close my post for today. “if you need it right now, you must make big effort to treat the coast.

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