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Hiiiiiii my friend I am back and now I want to tell you about my school art festival's "Gamarvani". and i am a comittee in gamarvani. and i hope you will interesting about my story in GAMARVANI . Gamarvani Let’s start for the story.

Before I tell you about what did I do in gamarvani, I want to tell you about history in gamarvani. The name of Gamarvani was from Sansekerta language there is two words, gama and parvani. Gama means moon and Parvani means the journey. So Gamarvani means The journey to the moon. Gamarvani was took from Legend story  Nyi Anteh. I never heard before. But, when I joined in comitee Gamarvani. I knew one of the best Legend story. The story about Nyi Anteh was very interesting. If you want to know the story you can search in google or official account gamarvani. Honestly, I want to tell you about Nyi Anteh story in here but my experience will be interesting than the story of Nyi Anteh J.

And know We start about my experience in gamarvani. My experience in gamarvani start from Open recruitmen comitee for 3’2018 and 3’2017 and I choosed a field division because I liked work in direct contact and I knew the Coordinator. That’s why I choosed field division. Before the day on 19th September 2015, My friends and I helped Gamarvani in funds problem with many method. The first method was My friends and I searched the food festival to come Gamarvani and sell many product. It was new experience for me but that was nice experience for me and my friends. The second method was DTD or ( Door To Door ), Door to Door method was method that I must came to my friend parent’s home to socialiazition and promotion about Gamarvani. And the thirx method was I collected money from my friends who are comitee to helped Gamarvani. The last method I promoted gamarvani to my other friends with the ticket and my profile pict in social media

  After you know about my job before the day and know I will tell you about the amazing day Gamarvani.

19th of September at 5 a.m o clock I have arrived at bali field with the gamarvani’s clothe and name tag. I was very proud when I used the clothe and nametag because I was a comitee one of the best art festival in Bandung. And when I looked the decoration for the stage. WOWWW It was very wonderful!! Art,culture and modern are presented in stage. And one the best thing in gamarvani, there was a LED screen and it supported the show and make the show was very amazing. And that the cause why gamarvani is different with other art festival school.
First step what I did in gamarvani,joined a parade with my other friends. We walked from Bali Field to Sumatera street until back to Bali Field. That was very nice journey because spirit from my friend was never die. Everyone had a spirit until parade time  finished.

After parade finished, I was given a job from my Coordinator and my job was stand  by at the in front of stage until the show was finished. It was very tired because I stand up from 12.15 until 22.00. WOWWWW!! for about 10 hours I stand up at the infront of the stage but I didnt feel very tired because my friends always gave me a spirit until my job was finished. 

In Gamarvani I didnt always work  but sometimes I met my old friend in Junior High School or in Elementary school and we tell story about our school now. And if I didn’t work I enjoyed the foodstand and foodtruck in gamarvani. There is 17 foodstand and many foodtruck in gamarvani like Roti Gempol,LOL, Bite box, Kabut Salju and many more.

And I enjoyed with the show from art like Reak, Arumba Acoustic, wayang golek and many more. And in Gamarvani there is extraculicullar in 3 SHS there was LSS 3, Band 3, Keluarga Paduan Angklung(KPA 3). KV 3, Music Classic 3 ,Tiloes Teater and Collaboration extraculicullar between KPA, KV, LSS, and Music Classic.

          Not only cultural show and extraculicullar but Gamarvani showed the guest star and this guest star was very famous and the song is very nice. YEAHH There was ADERAAAAAA!!!!!!!, but not only him but gamarvani also showed the second gues starr yeahhhh that was HIV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hivi is very very popular and the song never bored and always make all people sad, happy, and comfortable with them songs.

          My favourite song is “Siapkah Kau tuk jatuh cinta lagi”. That song is from Hiv!. I really like that because the music is very nice to hear and the lyric is very similar with my heart. So, I never stopped sing when hivi showed that song. Oooppss!, Iwill Tell you about Hivi and adera at the end this post for the surprise.

And know I will tell you about my new and best experience before the guest star are showed. First , my new experience was I used a Walkie talkie and I was very proud to used that because I never touched walkie talkie before. I know that was like very rube person but that am I. And my second new experience was I protected the guest star from the audience and I very enjoyed the job because that my new and best experience.

          And the last my best of the best experience was I could make everyone look me because I stand infront of stageJ. That was very proud moment for me cause me looked like amazing,strong and brave with the walkie talkie. I never forgot that moment in Gamarvani.

          And this is the last paragraph in this post and know Iwill tel you about the guest star yeahhh adera and hiviii J))))). The first guest star is Adera. Adera sang a many song like Lebih Indah,shake it off, a thousand years and many more. I have waited the guest star from morning until 7.30 p.m . And the show from Adera made my brain is refresh. That is very wonderfulllll!!!!!!!!!!!!.  From the song, the stage and the artist is very completely. And 40k rupiahs for the ticket was enough for the show from Adera.

            But not only adera made me happy and amazing but Hivi did too. Hivi was moreee moreeee wonderful, moreee moreeee make audience are satisfied andd more morreeeeeee makeee the stagee was different with the amazing hivi's songs. And my favourite song is sang by hivi and that made me moree more love that songgg:). and the last song from hivi that collaboration of the amazing stage and wonderful artist and I thought that the show like One direction Concert :)))))))))). 

          The story about adera and hivi closed gamarvani and this post. Thank you for your attention . I hope you will always enjoy my post in this blog. see you againn friends Good byee:)))

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