Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Great Holiday with Miracle

Hii guys!!!!!! I'm very happy because IT IS A NEW YEAR. Good bye for 2015 and welcome to 2016!! I hope I can be a better person then.  I will tell you about something special in this year. Are you want to know that??? Make sure you read this post until the end :)))

Like the title I will tell you about my last holiday. But I think this will be a great holiday and make you feel very happy and want to go where I go. This is the start of my experience. I have a good experience in this holiday because I went to very very far from here and in there I thought I was reborn be a New of me be a new Farras. Yeah I went to ARAB SAUDI. That a good country I thought because there are humble people, good view, and so much miracle of this world. I went to Arab Saudi with my family that is my sister, father, mother and grandmother. And In 22nd of December I started my journey from Bandung at 9 PM. I arrived in Jakarta or Soekarno Hatta International Airport at 1 AM AN I was sleepy in the airport because I can't sleep in the trip to airport cause the noise from the wheel that made me always wake up. I got flight with Air Asia airlines at 5 o'clock. That made me more can't sleep. I was care I would late in that flight . So I always wake up. And 5 o'clock was coming. Iwas happy cause this time I can sleep in the plane. I took 10 hours in plane. I was very bored and confused what I gonna do in plane. But the condition, the food made me feel better.,

In 11.20 AM time in Arab Saudi, with Indonesia have 4 hours more slowly than Bandung. I arrived in King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah. When the plane was landing I looked a new thing in Saudi Arabia that is many sand and the weather is so nice, not cold and not heat also. In Bandung there are a lot of flower, trees and so cold but in here was very different. First city that I visited was Madinah, In Madinah there are Nabawi Mosque and Rasulullah, Umar and Abu Bakar's grave. And I had experience in that place cause good smell was near in my nose. And I thought that one of a miracle in Madinah.

I was in Madinah for 3 days afther that I took a trip again to Makkah. That took 4 hours from Madinah to Makkah. And I stayed for more time in this city. The miracle from Makkah that is so many and I couldn't mention all of them but one of the big miracle in the world that was Ka'bah. First time I saw the Kabah I just could stay and amazed for Kabah. I didn't know why but that was unforgettable moment in my life. And in Makkah I did umroh for 2 times and I pray 5 times in Masjidil Haram. Ialways in the crowded area cause Masjidil Haram from night until next night was very crowd and people came and went. I thought It was never end until the end of the world. That was my first holiday in Saydi Arabia. But After that I went to Puncak Bogor with my 2nd family that is PK or Perwakilan Kelas :) wait until the next post. Thank you so much for reading!!!!

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