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Question for Us

Now, first I will ask you with question of song
Look at the lyrics!
Sam smith – stay withme
Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love cause I'm just a man
These nights never seem to go to plan
I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand?

Oh, won't you stay with me?
Cause you're all I need
This ain't love it's clear to see
But darling, stay with me

[Verse 2:]
Why am I so emotional?
No it's not a good look, gain some self control
And deep down I know this never works
But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt

[Chorus 3x]
   1.    What is the feeling of the writer ?
a.       Happy
b.      Glad
c.       Confused
d.      Sad
e.      Flat

    2.    What is the main idea of this song
a.       The man who love his girlfriend
b.      The girl is staying with her parents
c.       Theman ask to girlfriend why he must stay
d.      The man ask to her girlfriend will her to stay with him
e.      The girl won’t stay

   3.    The word gain in the lyrics is closest meaning to
a.       Go
b.      Get
c.       Winner
d.      Lose
e.      Poor
   4.    What is the meaning Chorus ?
a.       part of a song or poem that is repeated following each Verse
b.       The rhytm of the song
c.       The unique section that comes the beginning of the song
d.      The section to show instrumentalist
e.      The main of the song

   5.    Who is the singer of this song
a.       Charlie Puth
b.      Stay
c.       Sam smith
d.      Wiz khalifa
e.      Jessie J

Look at the the text below

The crowning glory is the Burj al Arab (Arabian Tower) completed in October 1999 and officially opened on 1st December 1999. This extraordinary 321m tower is entirely unique in design, fulfiling the clients brief for a landmark building in Dubai. The Burj al Arab looks set to take its place amongst the likes of Sydney Opera House & the Eiffel Tower as symbols of their countries.
The Burj al Arab is the 15th tallest building in the world, and the tallest single structure hotel, standing 300m out to sea on a man made island, it has taken design and technology forward into the next millennium. Designed in the shape of a giant sail on a triangular plan the Burj al Arab Hotel is stunning in its simplicity and clarity. The Burj al Arab tower is already being covered in international media throughout the world, forming a backdrop for international events such as the powerboating World Championships.
The Wild Wadi Aquapark, on the same site, is a fully themed Arabic water park with some of the latest rides, slides and gismos in the entertainment industry. Opened in July 1999 is thrilling locals and visitors alike.
With these astounding results, even before the opening of the Burj al Arab we feel that through our design and technical expertise creating this resort has led it to achieve a place on the International Tourist and Business map. 

    6.       When the structure is opened?
a.       1 december 2014
b.      1 may 1999
c.       1 december 2009
d.      1 october 1999
e.      1 december 1999

   7.    Where the structure located ?
a.       Saudi arabia
b.      Australia
c.       Uni arabian emirates
d.      France
e.      Turkey

   8.    Which is the TRUE argument from the the text above?
a.       The burj al arab is the tallest single structure hotel
b.      The burj al arab is the tallest building in the world
c.       The burj al arab hasn’t taken design and technology forward into next millenium
d.      Burj al arab is built at 1990
e.      The structure is the greatest in the world

   9.    How about the desiign of burj aal arab
a.       Designed by the great architec from other country
b.      The greatest design of the strufture
c.       Simple and clarity
d.      With the amazing technology
e.      Arounding the sea

   10. How lonng the bur aal arab.?
a.       300 feet
b.      300 m
c.       321 km
d.      321 m
e.      150 m

  11. The word giant has synonym mmeaning with
a.       Huge
b.      Small
c.       Thick
d.      Thin
e.      Fast

  12. (1): Animalia (Animal)
Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrate)
Class: (2)
Order: Carnivora (Carnivore)
(3)     : Felidae (Cat)
Genus: (5)
(4)      : Panthera tigris (Tiger)

What is in the number 1
a.       Sub phylum
b.      Sub class
c.       Kingdom
d.      Ecosystem
e.      Spesies

 13. Mamalia is in number
a.       1
b.      2
c.       3
d.      4
e.      5

   14. The blank in number 3 is
a.       Sub ordo
b.      Family
c.       Sub divisio
d.      Species
e.      Kingdom

  15. Panthera is the name of
a.       Genus
b.      Sub phylum
c.       Family
d.      Ordo
e.      Phylum

   16. Number 5 can fill with
a.       Mamalia
b.      Tiger
c.       Felix
d.      Panthera
e.      Animalia

   17. What is the name species of this animal
a.       Panthera tigris
b.      Vertebrata
c.       Felidae
d.      Animalia
e.      Panthera

   18. Look at this text

The Sate Building
This building is named Sate Building because at the top the roof there is a form that looks like a sate stick (a common Indonesian food, a row of cut meat, usually chicken).
It was constructured on July 27, 1920 and was first used as the centre of the Dutch government when it established Bandung as the capital city of Indonesia.
The architectural style of Gedung Sate was chosen by the Dutch government based on design proposals submitted by the architects who were involved in this project Ir. I. Berger. Its arcgitectural style is a combination of Indonesian, Spanish and Thai syles.
Not surprisingly architecture experts in Indonesia and abroad said Gedung Sate as a monumental architectural achievement because of this unique style and design.
Now this building which is located at 22 Diponegoro street has many functions.
Gedung Sate as the centre the west Java provincial government.
Gedung Sate as a tourist attraction.
It has long been a favorite attraction for tourist in Bandung. Many local and foreign tourist visit this building in order to get personal view of this historical building.
Many foreign tourist come to Bandung to see building because they feel an emotional connection to history of Gedung Sate.
The well maintaned gardens surrounding Gedung Sate add to its beauty.
Especially on Sunday morning, the green areas around Gedung Sate have become a popular choice for people to relax with their family just sitting or doing sport.   
Why the structure called Sate building
    a.       Because the building is the place sate’s from
    b.      Because at the top of the roof that is a sate stick
    c.       Because the government make a sate design  
    d.      Because sate is historical in bandung
    e.      Because may tourist like sate when visited this building

  19. where the sate building located?
    a.       Ir soekarno street
    b.      Thailand
    c.       Otto iskandar dinata street 
    d.      Diponegoro street
    e.      Antapani

220. Which is argument is NOT TRUE with thext ?
a.       Gedung Sate as the Centre of Central Java government.
b.      Many foreign comes to Bandung to see this place
c.       It was constructed at July 1920
d.      The archit3ctural of Gedung sare was chosen by Dutch government
e.      On Sunday morning people doing sport on the green areas gedung sate

221. The archit3ctural is a combinnation of
a.       Dutch, indonesian, japanese style
b.      Spanish,france, dutch
c.       Dutch, france, thailand
d.      Indonesian dutch spain
e.      Indonesia spanish and thailand

222. What is sate in the text above?
a.       Indonesian food a row of meat
b.      Meatball and the noodles
c.       The sticky bird
d.      Ice cream
e.      Tradional food in britain
Source :                www.cityquest.nl

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